Operations Manual Suite

This Operations Manual Suite is made available to all people conducting drone related activities under the authority of the Monument.AL-IT Pty Ltd Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators Certificate (ReOC) and currently consists of draft versions of 2 Operations documents:

Operational Procedure Forms & Documentation

Most of the following forms, log pages and documentation can be found in the appendices of the above manuals, and are provided here as separately printable forms to be used in association with the procedures detailed in the above documentation.

Flight Logging (Cheif Pilot usage ONLY)

The cloud-based Airdata UAV Flight Data Analysis & Maintenance service is used to record all flight data and associated battery statistics for all RPAS within our fleet .  This cloud based service allows us to review any flight after the event, but it also automatically records flight telemetary & notifications, plus equipment maintenance period details so that we know when an airframe or a battery is coming up for a service, and then record completion of that event for audit & compliance purposes.

Checklists & Cheat Sheets

These additional documents have been developed by Monument.AL IT Pty Ltd to support our drone related operations:

Equipment Official Documentation

The following links are to current official documentation for technology used in drone operations, as required by CASA:

Drone Regulations