Problems with your Microsoft Store

Ouch!! This has happened to me where I couldn’t download the new apps or update the installed ones in the Microsoft Store. I spent days digging a deeper hole for myself as I tried the many different published “solutions”. Eventually my computer was a mess and I had to reinstall Windows from scratch 🙁 have just published an article listing 5 fixes to this problem. Read it here.

YouTube URL Tricks

Ever wanted to send somebody a link to a YouTube video, but take them to a specific part of that video instead of starting at the beginning? have published a number of useful URL tricks for YouTube, including one trick for doing precisely that – check out all the tricks here.

How to remove PUP.Optional.Ask

I would be very surprised if you, or somebody you know, hasn’t had this pesky thing accidentely installed on their computer. It is so easy to inavertantly respond to a popup when you are busy, only to then discover a potentially unwanted program (PUP) has installed itself on your computer. I’ve done it myself. Discover what these rotten things are and how to remove them in the article here.

Top 6 Ransomware Protection Tools have highlighted a number of ransomware and malware protection tools in an article here. This was very timely as I have just helped a friend remove some potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from their computer using Malwarebytes. TechTarget published another article here earlier in the year listing other useful tools.