ADS-B RPAS ALerter for Drone Pilots project started

Hardware has been procured and software is installed, and now various antennas are being constructed for evaluation; as part of the ADS-B RPAS ALerter for Drone Pilots project. Additional software now needs to be developed and integrated. Read more about this project in the Discussion Document in this sites Projects area for more details.

Whats the best antivirus for Windows 10?

I am often asked what is the best antivirus to use on Windows. We are all spoiled for choice and this makes answering that question so much harder. Over the last decade I have been happily using the AV supplied free with Windows by Microsoft. That plus a Malware scanning package from Malwarebytes. I have recommended these solutions to others and now feel validated with the publication by C|NET of the recent article: The best antivirus protection of 2020 for Windows 10. Check it out.

Mavic Pilot Forums

A great resource for DJI Mavic (and DJI Air) pilots needing to cooperate with other users to discuss and solve problems can be found at the Mavic Pilots forum site. I’ve found it very useful to explore ideas with and ask questions of other more experienced operators. Everyone is very helpful. Hop across there and sign up as a new member now!!

Add Attitude (ATTI) Mode to the DJI Mavic 2 using a Hack

Paul Aitken of Drone U recently published a way to hack the DJI Mavic to acquire Attitude flight (ATTI) mode for buttery smooth flight movements! ATTI mode is not one of the 3 out-of-the-box flight modes selectable from the Mavic controller’s Mode switch. I have enhanced Paul’s information and added some examples to clarify some of his instructions to show how you can replace one of those 3 flight modes with ATTI mode. You can download that updated information here. It works, I’ve tried it.

Airdata UAV cloud based service

We have been using the Airdata UAV service to record all flight data and associated battery statistics since the acquision of our Mavic 2 Pro airframe .  This cloud based service not only allows us to review any flight after the event, but it also automatically records flight telemetary & notifications, plus equipment maintenance period details so that we know when an airframe or a battery is coming up for a service, and then record completion of that event for audit & compliance purposes.

Our RPA/Drone Equipment Suppliers

Monument.AL-IT use and recommend a variety of suppliers for our RPA/Drone equipment supplies:

  • DJI for our Mavic 2 Pro RPA, batteries, cases, accessories
  • Rise Above for RPA/drones & controllers, parts, cameras, accessories; aeronautical & 2-way radios; insurance
  • Drone Accessories Australia for controller cables, safety signage and safety vests, LiPo Bags for the safe charging and transport of batteries, etc. at great local prices
  • Total RPA for expert CASA training & certification
  • Johnny Appleseed GPS for RPA/drones, and RPA camera filters (PolarPro)