About Us

Monument.AL IT Pty Ltd is  a small bespoke Australian company focusing on:

  • solving all kinds of Technology & IT related problems & challenges; including setting up & fixing home office computer equipment, home entertainment systems, home automation, etc
  • drone related services and the integration of drone based technologies into business systems and processes

Our Director, Alan Monument has over 40 years of IT experience working in various computer operations, application development and technical sales support roles for a number of major corporations and enterprise software providers.  He also holds current CASA certifications which enables the company to provide various commercial (under 2kg) Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA/drone) related services.

The company also has access to a team of over 200 highly competent IT professionals at NetWeb Software that have provided innovative products and reliable professional services to business enterprises around the globe for the last 20 years. They perform all kinds of IT Services and ISO certified custom development & application integrations – in many ways it is like having your own extended IT team in the cloud that can cost effectively provide an “on demand” capability to work with your own team or to completely outsource a project.

This means we are in the perfect position to consult and work with you to integrate drone related technologies with your own in-house manual and IT-based business solutions and processes.

The companies current drone fleet consists of a DJI Mavic 2 Pro equipped with a gimble-mounted Hasselblad camera.  The resultant air-frame is both light and quiet, meaning it is far less intrusive in flight as compared to other older and larger RPAs.  The camera has one of the highest resolutions available on the current crop of drones, making this drone the best choice for most types of drone related activities.

The RPA fleet equipment is managed in the cloud using the Airdata UAV management solution which records flight logging information from all our flights, much like the “black boxes” found on larger aircraft, enabling us to playback each flight at any time; plus manage and record the service intervals on all the air-frames and associated batteries.  This is a public liability insurance requirement.

Alan Monument – Director, IT Consultant & Drone Operator

Alan is a multi-skilled IT professional with good all-round supervisory and technical expertise, along with a genuine passion for Information Technology. He has worked in various IT technical and management roles for over 40 years, which has formed a foundation for a strong broad high-level knowledge of Information technologies. As a true all-rounder, he is able to carry out assigned projects and tasks in a timely, diligent, and professional manner. He possesses the required level of enthusiasm, maturity and energy needed not only to take ownership of problems but also provide leadership and be a strong example of work practices and ethics to others around him.

He has worked in the IT industry since the early 1970’s and was experimenting with hobbyist computers before the IBM PC was first released, which then started the whole personal computer revolution in the 1980’s. Using this affinity with technology Alan has developed software, built and repaired computers using his deep understanding of computer equipment, and has established, configured, and managed small office and home office (SOHO) networks.

He also holds a CASA Remote Aircraft Pilot certificate to enable the pursuit of opportunities requiring the use of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS/Drone).  Alan is an enthusiastic voice for drone safety and reasonable drone regulation.  He keeps a finger on the pulse of all things drone related and is keen to work with local councils and other authorities to help craft appropriate drone legislation and regulation that doesn’t inhibit safe and responsible drone usage.

Alan is positive and easy going by nature, willing to put in the hours to achieve an outcome, and is comfortable communicating with work colleagues at all levels of management both within internal and external customer organisations.

Leveraging his logical mind and technical backgrounds, Alan has installed and assisted others with the setup of their computing environments, Home Entertainment, and Home Automation systems.

As well as being technically competent, Alan is practical and possesses “common sense”, so is well equipped to assist with the assembly, construction and explanation of the usage of most new electronic  & IT technologies, furniture, and dwelling infrastructure.

IT Specialties: Extensive experience with corporate enterprises supporting a variety of technology platforms; workload automation, cloud computing, problem management; relationship management; application development, problem solving and facilitation.

ABN  44 619 218 692      CASA Aviation Ref. No. 1050041
ACN  619 218 692